This Is What Breakfast Looks Like Around The World

Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Despite always waking up way too late to eat anything substantial, breakfast is our favorite meal of the day (which is why we absolutely make up for it when it comes to brunch). So, of course we're immensely jealous of the couple behind Symmetry Breakfast, Michael Zee and Mark van Beek. They post a gorgeous (and perfectly symmetrical) breakfast pic to Instagram every morning, featuring food from around the world.

It all started when the pair moved in together and Michael made Mark and himself a breakfast that fortuitously turned out to be perfectly symmetrical. An idea was born, and the rest of the world caught on quickly. As of now, Symmetry Breakfast has almost 500,000 followers on Instagram.

We asked Michael to share some of his favorite breakfasts with us; the dishes he chose represent a smorgasbord of cultures. Check out some symmetrical culinary globetrotting, ahead.
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Turkey: Pide
"A friend of mine, John Gregory-Smith, has just released a new book, Turkish Delights, with some wonderful pide recipes. It's pretty much a long, folded pizza but with an egg dropped in before going into the oven. Breakfast perfection, I say."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Brazil: Panquecas De Tapioca
"Tapioca starch is amazing stuff. If you add too much water, you get a...reaction where it is both solid and liquid at the same time. It also makes delicious pancakes from Brazil that are naturally gluten-free."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Mexico: Waffled Quesadillas
"I had one of those moments when I realized that the tortillas I had bought were EXACTLY the same size as my waffle iron, and this was born. Leftover black beans, cheese, and chili, waffled to perfection."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Austria: Kaiserschmarrn
"More of a dessert, but also a weekend brunch, this was the favorite pancake of Kaiser Joseph I of Austria. 'Schmarrn' literally means 'shredded,' and what you end up with in the pan is a mix of soft pancake and crispy bits. The Kaiser had good taste."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Morocco: M’smmen
"My friend Dana is an importer of culinary and beauty argan oil into the U.K. It is absolutely delicious. The first time she gave me a bottle as a gift, I had no idea what to do with it. She suggested I make these pancakes and serve them with argan oil and honey. A delicious Moroccan treat."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
The Netherlands: Hagelslag
" from Delft in the Netherlands. When we started dating, I often asked him questions like, 'What do you eat on Christmas Day?' or 'What’s a real treat breakfast?' All he really wanted was chocolate hagelslag, which basically translates as 'chocolate rain' on white bread with butter."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
England: Full English
"Beans or no beans? It’s a contentious issue in these parts. I personally feel that a full English breakfast without beans is incomplete, but I find the most interesting thing is the regional differences. Northern Ireland’s Ulster Fry with soda bread or potato farls and white pudding, a full Scottish [breakfast] with haggis, or a Welsh breakfast with laverbread are all delicious and unique."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Iran: Koloocheh
"There is a lovely café in Fitzrovia, London, called Gitane that sells delicious Persian food. They also make these cookies; they are filled with a mix of nuts and spices, and stamped with a wood mold to make the pattern."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Sweden: Knäckebröd
"We recently went to Stockholm and bought some really giant crispbreads. There are a surprising amount of unwritten rules about what toppings go with certain garnishes or spreads, but one of my favorites is rémoulade with thinly sliced roast beef and crispy onion."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Indonesia: Bubur Pulut Hitam
"It was my older brother who was eating this somewhere in the Midlands [England] and posted a photo on Instagram. I’d never even heard of it before, but a quick Google and it sounded perfect for breakfast. Black rice with coconut milk cooked down to a porridge; it's delicious and healthy."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Italy: Tuscan Toast
"The one thing I have learned about Italians is that they do breakfast extra speedy. An espresso at the bar, maybe a cornetti if they have an extra minute, is standard. However, on a recent visit to Tuscany I was asked to cook for a house full of bloggers and Instagrammers. Tuscan Toast was born; Italian bread filled with ricotta and jam, finished with balsamic reduction, strawberries, and basil. Not at all traditional, but still delicious."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
France: Kouign-Amann
"I first had a kouign-amann when I was about 12 years old on a school trip to Brittany. It was good, but I definitely wasn’t old enough to appreciate the complexity of it. I came across them again recently at a bakery called Yeast in East London, and after trying them again decided to try making them myself."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
Portugal: Pastel De Nata
"One of Portugal’s most famous exports, I can only describe them as little tarts of pure joy. Burnished on top, and achingly luscious custard inside. The best in London are undoubtedly at Taberna do Mercado in Spitalfields. Have two with a cortado."
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Photo: Courtesy of Symmetry Breakfast.
U.S.: Christmas/Thanksgiving Croissant
"What I like about America, especially with food, is the irreverence [in regards] to tradition. Croissants are great, but what if you could put a whole turkey dinner inside one like Milk Bar in New York does? I’ve always missed out on having the real deal, though, so I made an approximation of theirs."

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