Olivia Munn Calls Out Reporters: Don't Blame Me For Packers' Losing Streak

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It looks like Olivia Munn learned more about the basic tenets of journalism from her role on The Newsroom than some real reporters have in their time covering sports. The 35-year-old actress is having none of the BS propagated by lazy journalists who are pinning an NFL team's lousy record on her — in the absence of, you know, real reporting on the matter.

Munn has called out writers from outlets including The Washington Post, Fox Sports, and ESPN who have penned articles suggesting the actress is to blame for the Green Bay Packers' recent losing streak. See, Munn is dating Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, whose football team lost its last three games. Apparently, some fans bored trolls think the actress' relationship with Rodgers is affecting his performance on the field.

So, how did this ludicrous idea gain traction? The Washington Post and Fox Sports both pegged the theory to a comment published on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Ever since it came out about Olivia Munn and Rodgers, and her spouting off on TV about their sex life, Rodgers is NOT a good QB." Okay, to be clear: The issue here isn't that some anonymous idiot wrote this. (He or she also said God has taken his blessings away from the team since they no longer glorify Him.) Such crazy remarks turn up all day, every day, in virtually every comment section on the web. The problem is that reputable news outlets are reporting this as a story and accrediting a totally baseless and offensive theory.

That's what Munn is calling them out on, and rightly so. She wrote, "[T]here's that small group of people who use [the anonymity of the internet] to spew whatever hatred they want without fearing accountability or repercussions. But, that doesn't mean news organizations — the ones that were built by the trust of the public — should give these people's vitriol validity and deem them 'fans.'"


Munn also took ESPN journalist Rob Demovsky to task for his piece describing five reasons why Rodgers isn't playing so hot these days. Reason No. 5? Personal issues. "Lions reporters said they spotted Rodgers’ girlfriend, actress Olivia Munn, at Lambeau Field on Sunday," Demovsky writes. "Sometimes it's easy to forget that professional athletes have lives away from the field, and you never know what could be going on in their personal lives." Munn accused him of "[p]laying it fast & loose w/the journalism."

As if the whole thing wasn't laughably shameful enough, Munn pointed out that the "fan" in question who the media so readily spotlighted is also racist — as evidenced by this comment on another article, in which he or she writes "Milwaukee's inner city blacks are criminal thugs who kill each other every week... It's no wonder they are in prison!" These are the kinds of sources we're going to base sports commentary on, people? Really? Bravo, Olivia, for standing up to such ignorance.


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