Actors Are Told To Act "Whiter" In This Role Reversing Video

Arturo Castro, a Latino actor best known for his role on Broad City, has faced a lot of racist remarks during auditions. He explained on an episode of Mic's Flip the Script, "One guy asked me, he's like, 'Pretend you jumped over like, yesterday.'" Host Liz Plank clarified, the casting guy did mean jumped over the border.
So they tried a little experiment. Castro and Plank brought in a group of white actors for an audition. And when they began reading their lines, Castro asked them to be "a little whiter." He immediately got some push back from at least one actress who felt the request was "a little stereotypical."

When they finally revealed the purpose of the interview, the actors explained they felt that no one should be racially profiled by a casting director. The video did end on a note of hope—more well-rounded Latino and Latina characters are being depicted on TV.
Opener Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images.

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