Science Finally Explains Why Dogs Do That Adorable Head-Tilt Thing

You know that adorable head-tilting motion you're always delighted to see a dog perform? Well, turns out there's a scientific explanation for why it's a go-to canine move — and why we're so into it.

Pups are pretty smart (some breeds more than others, but let's go with it). They're also very intuitive. According to a Mental Floss piece on the subject, when a pooch perks up his ear and cocks his heads to one side, what he's actually doing is responding to your emotions by interpreting the sound of your voice.

What's more, dogs may not be able to understand all of what you're saying, but they do hear specific words and inflections (and look for indicators that you might be telling them it's time to go to the park and play fetch).
It's highly impressive stuff, especially in light of the fact that this writer has dated many a dude who couldn't read between the lines as well as, say, a Shiba Inu.
Oh, and if you happen to be the proud owner of a dog who tilts her head a lot? That means your pup is particularly empathetic. (You always knew she just gets you, right?) But if Fido never does the head-tilt, you can still train him into it by properly incentivizing him with treats and praise. (Mental Floss)
OPENER PHOTO: Ken McKay/ITV/REX Shutterstock.

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