Ariana Grande's Doctor Called Her A "Bulletproof Bitch"

Ariana Grande's doctor certainly has an unconventional bedside manner.

According to a tweet posted by the singer, her doc gave her a diagnosis a patient doesn't often hear: She's a "bulletproof bitch." Does that make her the 50 Cent of pop divas, or just a celebrity in need of a new general practitioner?

Allow Grande to explain.

In other words, those vocal chords are still on point. That's cause for celebration among Grande's Twitter fans, but leaves some lingering questions. Who is this doctor and why does he/she speak like one of Olivia Pope's gladiators? Is being a bulletproof bitch covered by our insurance? What symptoms do we need to look up on WebMD?

More importantly, how long will it take for Grande to release a pop single called "Bulletproof Bitch"?


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