Pixar's The Good Dinosaur Is A Kids Movie That Will Definitely Make Adults Weep

Pixar has a proven track record when it comes to creating kid's movies that make adults sob into their popcorn. Films like Finding Nemo and Inside Out are endlessly touching, and even the Toy Story franchise managed to tug on our adult heartstrings. But, it's The Good Dinosaur that we're predicting will become the ultimate weep fest, so make sure you bring along plenty of Kleenex for this one: You're going to need it.

While the Disney and Pixar collab doesn't arrive in theaters until Thanksgiving 2015, what we already know is this: An asteroid has probably collided with Earth. Dinosaurs and all other matter of fauna are impacted. A vulnerable and lonely little dino becomes fast buddies with an young human boy who helps him get berries when he is hungry.

Their relationship is clearly so very sweet and honest, and if you have a heart the trailer will make you so afraid that they will lose one another along the way. Warning: If you watch this, your eyes will well up. But, watch it anyway. You'll be glad that you did.

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