8 Things You Need To Know This AM — Jul 12 2015

Photographed by Anna Maguire.
Portland, Oregon-based record label M'lady's Records is offering female shoppers a wage gap discount. Women will pay just 77% of the retail prices on mail orders, to account for the pay disparity. (NPR)
Bryan Cranston is the one who knocks... and tells soul-crushing "your mom" jokes. (Mashable)
Roger Rees, the Welsh actor famed for his work in Cheers, The West Wing, and Nicholas Nickleby, has died at age 71. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Refer to this the next time your conservative coworker starts ranting about how gay marriage is Biblically wrong. (Huffington Post)
China's Typhoon Chan-hom has prompted mass evacuations and the cancellation of hundreds of flights. (The Weather Channel)
Meanwhile, parts of Alaska and Canada are battling wildfires, forcing residents to leave their homes. (The Guardian)
Ellen Pao has resigned as CEO of Reddit following personal attacks on the site. (New York Times)
A New York jury has ruled that 50 Cent must pay $5 million for sharing a couple's sex tape online. (NY Daily News)

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