Is This Viral Photo The New Blue/Gold Dress?

Is this nail polish pic the new blue/gold dress? The short answer is: No. The long answer is: Uuuuuggggghhhhohmygodshutup.

Yesterday, Twitter user @totallymendes shared this photo of two bottles of nail polish next to a shoe, demanding, "WHICH COLOR MATCHES THE SHOES BEST." (Her caps, not ours.) Her handful (at the time) followers made a few guesses, but the Internet, in its great glory, quickly got hold of #TheShoe and soon thousands of people began to respond with equally emphatic replies: "RIGHT POLISH ALL THE WAY," "HOLY SHIT I HAVE NO IDEAS," and "FUCK NOT THIS AGAIN."

We're gonna go with that last choice. Which one matches the shoes best? Well, they're kinda pink and kinda purple so, oh fuck, NOT THIS AGAIN. Look, The Dress happened. We are living in a post-Dress world. But that doesn't mean that every color choice is worthy of a 20,000-person debate. There are plenty of good things to scream about online. How 'bout this whole Confederate flag thing?!

No, there's no need to go all-caps over @totallymendes' nail polish options. We know you miss #TheDress, but fighting over #TheShoe won't bring back those heady days. This ain't your fight, kid. It's up to @totallymendes, and @totallymendes alone.

By the way, she still hasn't decided, you guys. She has until Sunday, okay? She's honestly so confused. Hang in there, @totallymendes. You can do this.

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