A Brief History Of Beloved Characters Without Language

Photo: Courtesy of Universal Pictures.
The minions are everywhere. If you want to freshen your breath, the minions are there. If your feet are cold, the minions are there. Even if your dog is cold (or just tragically underdressed) the minions are there. But before you throw up your hands in defeat, resigned to never understand all these indecipherable cuties, think back to how passionately you used dedicate yourself to learning Ig-pay Atin-lay.

There have been characters communicating in nonsense words on the big and small screens for decades, and they're usually ones fans gravitate toward. Perhaps the fact that their utterances are open to interpretation makes it easy for us to project our own thoughts onto them. To be clear, these are characters who might be understood by others onscreen, but will always exist behind a language barrier for audiences at home. (So those who deal in Elvish, Na'vi or Dothraki need not apply.) Revisit our favorite linguistically limited characters, ahead.

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