Kristen Wiig & Will Ferrell Are In Deadly Peril In Lifetime Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime
Sometimes, the line between serious homage and hilarious parody is so blurry, we just have to laugh and cry simultaneously. That's what we plan on doing when Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell's Lifetime movie, A Deadly Adoption, airs on June 20. The trailer for the movie has just hit the web with a deadly serious tone.

The "high-stakes dramatic thriller" — which is, of course, "inspired by a true story," per Lifetime's site — stars 90210 alumna Jessica Lowndes as a pregnant woman who goes to live with a wealthy couple (Wiig and Ferrell), who hope to adopt her unborn baby. Things go wrong, naturally, and from the trailer it seems like Lowndes kinda loses it and tries to kill them — or something. We're sure it's more complicated than that.

But, how do we know what to believe when it comes to this movie? News of it first came out on April 1, after which Ferrell (a producer of the movie, along with Adam McKay) said that they were pulling the plug because it was supposed to be a surprise. Then, The Hollywood Reporter noted this month that the movie was airing after all, according to a giant billboard on Hollywood Boulevard — except that the billboard lists the premiere date as "Sunday June 20," which is not a thing this year.

So, loving homage in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Lifetime movie, or loving hoax in honor of the same? In either case, our DVRs are set.

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