The 10 Best Ari Gold Quotes Of All Time

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
In case you missed it, I didn't love the Entourage movie. It was entertaining, but I just couldn't fully get on board. However, Jeremy Piven delivered a fantastic performance as Ari Gold. In fact, I would watch a spin-off film that's just about him.

So why not celebrate that performance with an ode to Mr. Gold himself? After all, he spent years delivering some of the best one-liners on television. (His art form doesn't disappoint in the cinematic adaptation, either.) Ahead, we've compiled 10 of Gold's best quotes. And by "best quotes," I of course mean the ones that are funny and signature-Ari-Gold, that don't focus on banging women and homosexuality. It wasn't easy, guys, but we did it.

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