12 Celebs Who Were Unrecognizable At The Billboard Music Awards

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This Sunday night, when we settle in to watch the Billboard Music Awards, one of our favorite parts will no doubt be judging enjoying the parade of red carpet looks. And, just think about this: No matter how lovely Beyoncé or Taylor Swift's gowns appear, someday, they will look as incredibly, confoundingly tacky as the throwback looks ahead. Because time's a heartless bitch-goddess like that.

That's what makes the outfits that follow such a delight. Once, in a more innocent time, sandblasted denim eveningwear, belly chains, and...whatever Pink has on actually looked good to us. Click on for 12 celebs who would not be caught dead in their '90s-'00s BMA looks. And God save us all when neon newsboy caps come back in style.
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Britney Spears
In 2000, Britney had not yet danced with a python, kissed Madonna, or heard the name Kevin Federline. She was just a simple country girl, writing heartfelt advice books with her mom, thinking the guy from *NSYNC was cute, and tanning until she matched her orange coat.
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Jessica Simpson
Do you remember a simpler time, when the products of J.Simp's creativity could be purchased at Sam Goody instead of Dillard's, and pointy knee-high boots and feathered sleeve garters with no sleeves seemed like ideas worth trying?
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Destiny's Child
"Bootylicious." "Survivor." Winning five BMAs, including Artist of the Year — all told, Destiny's Child had a truly triumphant 2001. Here, Beyoncé and Michelle celebrate by not telling Kelly about their sandblasted denim theme. That's shady, Beyoncé.
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Mary J. Blige
In 1999, Blige released a George Michael duet, and made a video where she plays a lonely, single mom businesswoman who balances the demands of family with sending faxes and flipping through CD-ROMs. For this, she won zero BMAs. Rude. Still, Blige killed 'em in this black leather jumpsuit, seemingly inspired by Elvis' '68 comeback special. King, meet Queen.
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Christina Aguilera
The enormously talented Aguilera was contractually obligated to don extreme crop tops and strike this pose at any photo call in the first three years of her career. At the BMAs in 1999, it all felt so fresh, new, and fun. Yes, Christina, you're a genie.
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"You know what would be cool? If this lovely dress had a crapton of tacky dollar bills all over it. And if my hair was 10 colors, all ugly. And if, through me, the shrill hippie from 4 Non Blondes was able to continue inflicting her songwriting upon the world."
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Wild Orchid
You get points if you recognize Fergie in her pre-Black Eyed Peas days. If you recognize Fergie's Kids Incorporated co-star Renee Sands at right, congratulations: You wasted your precious youth watching the Disney Channel before it even had Miley.
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Mariah Carey
Carey will be performing at this year's BMAs for the first time since 1998 (yes children, that magical moment between "Honey" and "Heartbreaker"). In honor of Queen Mimi's return, we present this photo of her strutting off with the Top Album by a Female Artist award she won in 1995, when hip-high slits, mixing brown and black, and massive hair were all still things.
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Drinking game for this year's BMA: Every time host Ludacris hollers "UR-SHERRR!," pound your drink and ponder whether Rihanna took some notes from this look...
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Solange Knowles
Just 15 in 2001, Solange's main credit at the time was "featured performer" on the theme song to the Disney's Channel's Proud Family. So yeah, she was mostly there to support her big sister. They're family every single day and night, people.

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