This Mad Men Supercut Breaks It All Down For You

Mad Men is beginning its ending on Sunday, April 5, which means it's time to start prepping those retrospectives. AMC did the hard work of breaking down some of the most important things in the series, such as how many punches were thrown (14) to cigarettes smoked (942!) and Don's secretaries (9). It's a supercut of face slaps, office cocktails, and sweet spliffs. And, of course, Don's sexual exploits. Yep, it must stink to be an intern at AMC! Just kidding. Who wouldn't want college credit for watching Mad Men?

January Jones told us that last year that the seventh season is high time for the show to wrap up. "I do think it's the right time. It's going to be next year that it ends; we still have a little while. But, I do, because I think we all want to go out when everyone still likes it, and not when everyone's sick of it. They might already be sick of it, I don't know. I think our story is ready to be done being told in that way, but it will be sad, and I'll miss everybody." Aw, we'll miss everybody, too!


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