Ashley Judd Blasts Twitter Trolls, Will Press Charges Over Threats

Photo: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
Ashley Judd has put the Twitter goons verbally abusing and threatening her on blast, telling NBC correspondent Craig Melvin on Today that she will be pressing charges. On Sunday, the actress was watching the basketball game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Kentucky Wildcats when she was moved to tweet, "I think Arkansas is playing dirty."

Well, that was just too crazy for fans to deal with, so naturally they turned to verbal abuse and threats of rape. The sort of insults and threats flung at Judd will turn your stomach, but sadly, they won't shock anyone who's witnessed the sort of gendered, sexual vitriol on social media.   

"The amount of gender violence that I experienced is absolutely extraordinary," Judd told Melvin. "And, a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence that's directed at me on social media." 

Earlier this week, Judd told MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, "In my impassioned game moment, I said something that, if I were in a more calm state of mind, I might have phrased differently." But, why should she have to tone down her tweets just to avoid being called the C word on Twitter? (The Hollywood Reporter)     

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