Ian Ziering Talks Ice Cream & What The Peach Pit Really Served

Photo: Courtesy Baskin-Robbins.
When he's not chainsawing his way through evil sharks or (we hope) jogging down the beach in a crop top, Ian Ziering can probably be found at a Baskin-Robbins. The Sharknado star and Beverly Hills, 90210 alum has been tapped as the front man for the ice cream chain's new flavor of the month for March. Behold Snacknado, a sweet-and-salty concoction loaded with chocolate-covered potato chips and pretzels, salted pretzel ribbons, candy pieces, and chocolate fudge on a salted-caramel-flavored ice cream base. Um, yum.

Though Ziering wasn't actually involved in the recipe-building process of Snacknado, he's happy to sing the praises of what he calls this "magically delicious creation" — and eat a few scoops, of course. Here, the artist formerly known as Steve Sanders shares his other food pleasures.  

What is the food item you dream about but rarely get to enjoy?
"Chicken Parmesan."

What's your first memory of eating ice cream?
"It literally was at Baskin-Robbins, and it was Jamoca Almond Fudge. Every once in a while on a hot summer night, my dad would take the family out for ice cream. I remember sitting in the back of our station wagon and just having the same thing that my brothers were eating, which was Jamoca Almond Fudge." 

So, how many bowls of Snacknado have you had so far?
"Oh my God. I've had a few scoops so far, wink wink. As a matter of fact, the other night the producers of Sharknado brought in some Baskin-Robbins ice cream, and Snacknado was one of the flavors that were there. Everybody loved it."

We have to ask: What were you guys actually eating in all of those Peach Pit scenes on 90210
"Quite often we were hungry, so we would eat what was there. For the mega burgers at the Peach Pit, the property master would go out to a local hamburger restaurant and get some fast food for us." 

And, now you're health-conscious.
"I try to stay in good shape for my family and my own health, so I've kind of rolled back on the cheeseburgers a bit." 


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