8 Epic Steve Sanders GIFs In Honor of Ian Ziering’s 50th Birthday

Ian Ziering's not the oldest member of the Beverly Hills, 90210 crew (that distinction belongs to 53-year-old Gabrielle Carteris, a.k.a. Andrea Zuckerman), but it still blows our mind that the actor turned 50 today. The star of Sharknado may now be an AARP cardholder, but his alter ego Steve Sanders will always be a cocky 16-year-old with a mullet and some questionable fashion choices in our minds. #NeverForget.
We'd celebrate Ziering's big day with a cake, but it turns out that it's easier to round up some truly epic GIFs starring Steve Sanders than, say, 50 candles. Watch as our favorite California blonde gets his smarm charm on through the gift of GIF. He's a lover, a fighter, and not that bad a dancer. (Just don't get us started on that crop top.) Take it away, Sanders...
1ssGIF: Via 90210 GIFs.Steve sports a crop top during a jog with Kelly Taylor's in-the-closet love interest.
1ss4GIF: Via Playground Diaries.Elvis has got nothing on this guy.
1ss6GIF: Via Gif Soup.Aw. Emotions.
1ss2GIF: Via 90210 GIFs.But you can't keep a good man down.
1ss5GIF: Via Maskmajora.He was always open to trying new things.
1ss8GIF: Via Beverly Hills, 90210 Addict.He's a lover...
1ss3GIF: Via 90210 GIFs.And a fighter.
1ss7GIF: Via Beverly Hills, 90210 Addict.Burn, white turtleneck dude. Burn.

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