Then & Now: The Guys From Our Fave '00s Pop Diva Videos

The female pop stars that came up in the peak TRL era of 1999 to the early 2000s made some great videos. As the recent re-edit of Britney Spears' "Oops! ... I Did It Again" without music showed us—it's really hard to look away from these spectacles of choreography and candy-colored costumes. And while the ladies were always front and center, they often got to play around with some drop-dead gorgeous male co-stars — like the astronaut who visited Britney on Mars with the necklace from Titanic in hand (wha?!).

These male models and aspiring actors don't often get the credit they deserve for breaking hearts or winning them over at elaborate beach bonfires. It's very difficult, all these years later, to track them down ... unless they've gone on to make their names elsewhere. (We won't say "bigger and better things," because what's bigger and better than getting dismissed by Beyonce, Brandy or Pink?)

Turns out, being a video hunk can lead to plenty of success in life. You might recognize a few of these pretty boys: Jeremy Renner, Josh Duhamel, Mekhi Phifer. And a few are doing just fine in completely different careers these days. How often do they get recognized for their bit of MTV glory?

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