Finally, Permission To Neglect Your Faux Fur

Confession: I spilled a smoothie on my newly bought, perfectly vintage, cream-colored, faux fur coat the day I left for Paris. I was wearing it because it was the perfect plane topper. Instead, splash. One false move — I blame the lid! — and that Strawberry Banana Blast made my new coat its home. I washed it out immediately, but the water damage remained. The coat was matte; the fur looked sad and worn. Point being: I called the coat ruined and didn't bring it to Paris. But, after seeing Dries Van Noten's Fall '15 show, I wish I had. In fact, I wish I poured water over the whole entire thing. 

See, according to Dries, you're able to neglect the very faux fur you doubted would even make it to next season. At least, that's how we're interpreting its new-meets-old-becomes-new-again offerings. The label sent large matte lapels, twisted coats, and roughed-up collars down the runway yesterday, redefining the way you should treat your most precious garments. This time, you've got permission to wear the damn thing to death.

This isn't to say you shouldn't take care of your clothes, it's just that this imperfect, worn look is actually pretty rad. We're digging the line's reimagining of faux fur trims and bombers (especially when mixed in with the eggplant florals and rich auburn trenches from the same collection). It's okay if your clothes look pre-loved. That's what makes them unique. So, yes, get more mileage out of your fuzzy pieces. Wear them out in the rain! Scrunch your long shearling bits up into a ball for all we care! Just continue to be careful around slippery breakfast drinks. 

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