Trash-Can Nachos: Gross Or Inspired?

Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Brush.
We're usually on board when people use unusual appliances to prepare or serve food. Wanna make meatloaf in a mug? Be our guest. But, even the most open-minded among us are having trouble understanding celebrity restaurateur Guy Fieri's latest endeavor: Making nachos in a trash can.

This rather perplexing method was rolled out at his cooking demo at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival last week. The Food Network star mixed three types of grated cheese, a mountain of shredded meat, and a grocery store's worth of tortilla chips to create the Mexican delicacy. This was all thrown together in a gigantic steel garbage receptacle, which Fieri then flipped over with the help of two friends.

Given Fieri's repertoire and his ability to stir up buzz in the culinary world, we have no doubt that the snack tastes delicious — and that the bin was sterile. It might even be a quick and easy way to prep for a large group of guests. But, we'd still have preferred a container that's not known for holding rubbish and festering rodents. The medium is the message, after all.
Photo: Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images.

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