Jimmy Fallon Live From The Super Bowl: The Absolute Best Moments

Photo: Youtube
Jimmy Fallon went big for his first live Tonight Show, airing straight from the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, with a slew of special guests. Or maybe this story goes a different way: Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart went big on their promo tour for their upcoming prison buddy comedy Get Hard with a romantic lip-synch battle that will do much more to showcase their chemistry than any old interview.

There were plenty of others upping their viral cool factor by showing up too. Here are our favorite moments from the night:

Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Usher, Meghan Trainor, One Direction, Christina Aguilera, Carrie Underwood and Sam Smith joined the Roots and Fallon for an a cappella "We Are the Champions" done on split Brady Bunch-style screens. Sure plenty of Youtube stars have done it first, but this was some serious star and vocal power.

Bravely wearing a Seatle Seahawks sweatshirt, Ferrell looked like everyone's dad on a Sunday. And then he got down on his knees to kick off the lip-synch battle with Beyonce's "Drunk in Love," pulling out booty popping moves from his days as one half of the Spartan cheerleading duo on SNL.
Fallon started Kelly Clarkson's "Since You Been Gone" singing to one half of a BFF heart necklace. He finished it off with one leather glove, rocking out on his knees and dropping the mic. Fallon forgot to lower the mic stand for Hart, adding an unintentional short joke to the mix.

Chrissy Teigen's cry face floated up past Hart as he performed to "All of Me" by John Legend. But it was Ferrell who received the full force of his co-star's romantic advances.

In round two, Ferrell topped off his dramatic posing with a pocketful of glitter. 

Fallon then pleased every '80s child's soul with "(I've Had) The Time of My Life," accompanied by Drew Barrymore and THE LIFT. Even with a mattress, it ripped two holes in Fallon's pants. 

Hart's "Roar" wasn't all that dramatic, but points for getting the audience pumped.
During an sweet interview with Patriots players, Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola cut some Belichick sleeves into Ferrell's sweatshirt.

Finally, pocket diva Ariana Grande gave everyone chills singing her new single "One Last Time."      

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