Get Stuff Done! 35 UNREAL Desk Accessories & Planners

Most of the time, living under the spell of L.A.'s laid-back, carefree disposition feels like more of a blessing than a curse. But, come December, we're forced to acknowledge that while we were busy staring off into the SoCal sun, another year has almost passed us by — and everything from un-kept resolutions to unopened mail to unpaid parking tickets feels like a major burden.
So, what to do? Well, first of all, stop beating yourself up over all the stuff that's slipped through the cracks. And, instead of carrying all those to-dos over into the new year, buckle down and attack them now. Sometimes, all it takes is a rad new planner or a cool new desk accessory to make getting work done a little more exciting. Ahead, we've rounded up a whopping 35 items to give your workspace an upgrade, so you can get motivated, organized, and excited to kick things into high gear — just in time for 2015!
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