Louis C.K. Quit Twitter. But Why?

As of last night, it appears that everyone's beloved crankypants, Louis C.K., quietly deleted his Twitter account. Happy Monday to no one.
C.K. always had a sporadic and unconventional presence on the medium. Rather than abiding by the social contract's edict that entertainers self-promote with witty, 140-character missives 24 hours a day, he just did his own thing. Sometimes, his thing was angry dad-ranting about the Common Core curriculum. Sometimes his thing was positing a new origin story for the existence of human kind. (It's something to do with how the universe is a spaceship and Mars crashed into the moon and we're all made of Martian DNA. Rest assured, Louis swore he was definitely not high when he tweeted this.)
Then, there were weeks and months of silence when Louis explained he just couldn't "think of anything to tweet." Fair enough — the guy is busy. When producing his FX show, Louie, he writes, directs, and edits every episode (oh, and appears in almost every scene). He also has joint custody of his two children, spending half the week as a single dad to his daughters. Louis is the first to admit that being a working parent shouldn't earn him any medals, but it may explain why he's got more important things to do than tweet about how crazy the #supermoon looks.
But, we'll miss those smart, funny, irate, seemingly random occasions when Louis graced us with his tweets. In a grand finale last month, the comedian ripped into ISIS, evidently enraged by the group's stance on female sex slaves. "I'm 47. seen a lot of assholes. But these ISIS fuckfaces are the worst," he said. "ISIS please drink Sunoco gas and then have a smoke." He went on to rant about their actions, his disdain for the group as a whole, and further graphic suggestions as to all the different ways they might, well, go fuck themselves. Louis concludes with the reminder that, "Fuck ISIS doesn't mean yay America. I'm not saying this as an American. I don't believe they're coming here. I'm a Martian."
We know, Louis. We'll miss you.

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