Mindy Kaling & Jessica Chastain Tease Us With Joint Project

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Mindy Kaling's TV series soon may get a serious new addition to the cast. Kaling spoke with Jessica Chastain for Interview magazine about her role in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby. During the interview, Kaling asked Chastain if she'd ever consider being in a comedy. "You have a brightness about you that makes me feel like you would be amazing and funny in a comedy," Kaling told her fellow actress.
Not only has Chastain done plenty of comedic acting in her career, she expressed interest in appearing on The Mindy Project. "I am so tired of crying. How great would it be to experience joy and laughter every day?," she told Kaling. "I am actively looking for a comedic role in something. Maybe I need someone like you to write me something. I could be on The Mindy Project."
This wasn't just some passing remark, either; Kaling's already got a role for her in mind. "If you played Chris' ex-girlfriend, who I'm obsessed with and so angry about, who's always popping in in an infuriating way, that would be —"
"Amazing," offered Chastain.
See? They're already finishing each other's sentences. But, their friendship doesn't stop there.
Following the interview, Chastain sent Kaling a beautiful arrangement of flowers. The bouquet may as well be a written contract for Chastain to appear on The Mindy Project.

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