Insta-Marital Bliss: 20 Weddings That Stun

Wedding days — they're such showoffs. Whether they're big bashes or intimate affairs, they show up every other day of our lives without fail. How could they not? With all the effort that gets put into them, they have an unfair advantage. They get all the plans. All the flowers. And, all the fun. Of course, this solidifies their status as prime Instagram fodder, and we're not complaining: The photos live up to the hype.
Between half-naked wedding cakes and completely perfect floral arrangements, it's easy to get lost in the prettiness of it all. Rather than send you down that white hole, we rounded up a few of our favorite 'grams of late. Click on through for all the ideas and inspiration your heart can take.
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Photo: Via @loverly.
All you need is a happy couple, confetti, and a good angle to turn a highway underpass into a paved paradise.
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Photo: Via @kneadtomake.
We should just go ahead and start the cakes-as-centerpieces trend.
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Photo: Via @bridalmusings.
The pineapple is nature's vase.
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Photo: Via @loverly.
Could a rose by any other name look so good?
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Photo: Via @apracticalwedding.
This bride knows she can turn any dress problem into a photo opp.
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Photo: Via @brycecoveyphoto.
New rule: You can never have too much sky.
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Photo: Via @greenweddingshoes.
This is our spirit bride.
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Photo: Via @bridalmusings.
Who needs flowers when you have leaves of grass?
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Photo: Via @loverly.
A whole new kind of accent chair.
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Photo: Via @tecpetaja.
We want to go to there — and stay.
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Photo: Via @adrianaklas.
This spread takes the tiered wedding cake to new heights.
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Photo: Via @heydanfredo.
A tie makes a great collar upgrade.
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Photo: Via @mindyricedesign.
Veils as photo props? We're into it.
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Photo: Via @jovemeyer.
Green and gray should get more play.
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Boots and wedding dresses are made for each other.
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Photo: Via @loverly.
We smell a DIY coming on.
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Photo: Vis @loverly.
Macarons moonlighting as cake garnishes — a tasty, ombré dream.
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Photo: Via @josevilla.
Proof that beach weddings don't have to be beachy.
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Photo: Via @greenweddingshoes.
Campy — in a good way.
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Photo: Via @mysweetengagement.
This photo could hold no more cuteness. We're sure of it.

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