Kanye West’s New Job: Substitute Teacher

kanye-westembedPhoto: REX USA/Cindy Barrymore/Rex.
Picture this: It's your first day of class at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. You're sitting in a class on apparel design, waiting for the teacher to show up. When he finally does, it's none other than self-proclaimed college dropout Kanye West. As in, the rapper who made not one, but three albums about his own higher education ending when he decided he was finished at 20.
As fascinating as this career change may be, West's pedagogical pursuits are not entirely emerging from the kindness of his own heart. In July 2013, Yeezy attacked a member of the paparazzi at LAX. This past March, he was sentenced to two years probation, anger management counseling, one day in jail, and 250 hours of community service. West has quietly been doing the latter in the form of teaching at the aforementioned L.A. trade school.
Ye's class includes lectures on creativity and fashion, which, if you know anything about Kanye West, you know are topics near and dear to his heart. We can only imagine what a syllabus from Yeezus would look like. The midterm would be a haiku about the intersection of fashion and creativity, written in the medium of your choice on a textile whose identity can be gleaned from a riddle. For your final exam, you'd have to design an entire tour wardrobe, complete with video tie-ins and a merchandising plan that includes costs for only locally-sourced fabrics and labor.
Looks like Kanye West finally found some school spirit. Not sure about you, but I feel a woo coming on, cuz. (Uproxx)

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