Chloë Grace Moretz & Michelle Obama Tackle The Apocalypse

You've been there. It's election season, and the race for student-body president is heated. There are many factors in your voting decision, like who's cutest and how many times the other candidate invited you to parties. Also, who's got the best posters? What it ultimately comes down to, though, is who's brave enough to promise the addition of a soda machine in the cafeteria, because you're too old to drink that mini-carton of 2% milk. Plus, carbonated sugar drinks are delicious and cool.
The result is total anarchy. Teens become zombies — slaves to chips, high-fructose corn syrup, and afternoon snack attacks. There's only one girl who can rescue them from their demise: Chloë Grace Moretz.
The actress joins Michelle Obama in a new Funny or Die feature. This back-to-school special brings to attention how very unhealthy school lunches and snacks can be. Watch as the FLOTUS, Moretz, and Tyler Posey attempt to save you from yourself.

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