And, Your Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Performers Are...

riri1Photo: REX USA/David Fisher/Rex.
Sorry, we don't actually know exactly who just yet. But, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the NFL has narrowed it down to three of the biggest acts in the world.
Following in the daunting footsteps of Bruno Mars and Beyonce will be either Katy Perry, Rihanna, or Coldplay.
The report also comes with a curious tidbit: According to sources, the league is asking that at least some of the acts on the shortlist agree to fork over part of their fee if they want the gig. That's how big the show has become. You have to pay to play.
Performing the halftime show at the Super Bowl almost guarantees a spike in album sales for whoever lands the coveted spot, which is why the NFL has never paid artists to play the coveted gig. But, asking the talent to pay is an entirely new practice, and speaks to the monolithic power of pro football in America.
With last year's Super Bowl halftime show breaking ratings records with a staggering 115.3 million viewers, it's unlikely that whoever is selected of the three finalists would turn the offer down. After all, it's not exactly like KP, Chris, and RiRi are lining up for welfare checks.
Super Bowl XLIX goes down February 1 in Phoenix. (The Wall Street Journal)

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