North West Enjoys Her First "Bring Your Daughter To Work Day"

Take Your Child to Work Day is technically observed in April. When you're Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, though, you don't follow the traditional calendar of made-up work holidays. Kim just shared this admittedly adorable photo of Nori and Yeezus dropping beats together. She captioned it "#BringYourDaughterToWorkDay." It's also apparently #BringYourSpouseToWork Day, because Kim was there to take the picture.
Gosh darn it if this photo hasn't cut us right to the core. Look at Nori's face. She even provoked the rare sight that is a Kanye West grin. Remember, this is a guy who didn't even smile in his wedding photos.
Dude in the background knows what we're talking about. We can't see his face, but his shoulder shrug is all, "Don't mind me; I'll just keep mixing beats while the cuteness behind me undoubtedly gets shared across the far reaches of the Internet. Don't forget to tag me, Kim. Oh, you don't tag? Can't blame a sound engineer for trying."
North West: Those expressive brows and your cheeks have officially rendered us melted piles of goo at our desks. Make sure your dad compensates you for any creative output rendered on #BringYourDaughterToWorkDay. Or, just charge him a cute overload fee. Hashtag onesie.

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