7 People Jennifer Lawrence Should Now Date Instead Of Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult's on-off relationship is back to off, Us Weekly reports. But, that's totally fine, because the girl has a.) an awesome best friend to cheer her on, and b.) pretty much her pick of Hollywood singles. And, when she's ready to mingle, we're hoping she sets her sights on one of these sexy celebs.
From beautiful Brits to charming costars, these guys and gals (deal with it) have plenty of romantic potential. Plum acting roles, fame and fortune, reasonably good manners, and access to Buckingham Palace? Check.
J Lawr certainly doesn't need our help, but we're playing matchmaker anyway. Have your people call their people, girl. If not, no problem. We'll see ya on Tinder.
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Prince Harry

She's got a soft spot for Brits; he digs actresses. And, seriously. How fun would these two be?
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Michael Fassbender

Maybe the problem was that J Lawr picked the wrong X-Men costar.
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Josh Hutcherson

Lawrence and her Hunger Games costar have amazing chemistry, they're both from Kentucky...need we say more? And why pass on the opportunity to make countless Peeta and Katniss 'shippers pee their collective pants?
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Kristen Stewart

Going out with Hoult's new costar would be the ultimate rebound revenge. Also, we really like the nickname J-Stew.
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Michael B. Jordan

That smile. That is all.
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Robert Pattinson

Good-looking, British, in the business? Do we know Lawrence's type or what?
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Photo: REX USA/Nils Jorgensen/Rex.
Cara Delevingne

Like we said: Good-looking, British, in the business?

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