Kanye West's Reality Show: The Pilot

rexusa_2139342jPhoto: REX USA.
Kanye West tries to avoid airports at all costs. And, who can blame him? "People like to say stupid stuff to me," he said in a clip from his never-aired reality show.
Rapper and fashion-enthusiast Kanye West once filmed a pilot for reality show with his travel agent, Brett Grolsch. Though it was never picked up by a network, TMZ managed to secure a rare clip from this important historical document.
Though the show was supposed to be about the trials and tribulations of making travel arrangements for A-listers, it could really be just about West and his dope cellular strategies. In fact, he's been fooling you for years. Every time you've seen him walking around the airport with a cell phone? Turns out there's no one on the line. Psych!
"I'll be on the phone even if I'm not on the phone [...] just to keep people from comin' up to me. People have no respect for the phone," Kanye explained, adding that he especially dislikes airports because that's where people tend to approach him with the aforementioned "stupid stuff."
Kanye has also developed an additional flourish for this situation — after all, the last thing you wanna do is lose your cool on a fan.
"You snap on the person you're on the phone with, and it lets [the fan] know they're interrupting the shit outta you [...] and you can talk to [the fan] nice 'n shit, but they can still hear the frustration in your voice."
Kanye, you sly thing.
Of course, it's funny that this is what annoys Kanye, considering he's perhaps the most notorious interrupter of our time.
Ahead, the full clip. (TMZ)

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