Never Dine Alone Again: This Restaurant Offers Stuffed-Animal Friends

stuffedanimalPhoto: Via @iimusaii.
Just as we started getting used to cat cafes, an even stranger restaurant concept has emerged: The Moomin Cafe in Tokyo now offers giant, hippopotamus-like stuffed animals for lonely solo diners. Yes, you read that correctly. The staff will kindly offer a companion if they spot you sitting all by your onesies. The animals (and many of the drinks and dishes on the menu) are inspired by characters from the popular Finnish Moomin book series. The idea is pure kitsch and it begs the question of whether eating alone is somehow seen as pathetic. We think not. Dining solo can be a seriously serene culinary experience.
While it seems cute for a one-time visit (and all but made for Instagram), we can't quite imagine taking our lunch break opposite a wide-eyed hippo. The obvious upside is they sure wouldn't be stealing any fries. Tell us, would you go for the plushy plus one? (The Guardian)

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