Why Doc Martin Is The Best Medical Drama, Ever

doc_martin_departed_topPhoto: Courtesy of BBC.
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This week: Doc Martin, a British medical drama/comedy series
Where To Watch: Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
How I Got Hooked: I didn't think there could be a doctor with a worse bedside manner than Hugh Laurie on House. Then I met Dr. Martin Ellingham. Despite being a British TV junkie through and through, I would have probably never clicked on the show (Martin's grumpy cover photo is far from alluring) unless my mom insisted it was sidesplitting. Was I ever glad I did watch the first episode. In season one, Doc Martin, a brilliant physician in London, develops hemophobia (a fear of blood), which stops short his brilliant career as surgeon. Forced to become a general practitioner and move to a charming and snoozy seaside town in Cornwall, he suddenly has to deal with not just freaky medical cases but also the village's nosy and supercilious cast of characters. He's not amused.
Best Episode: It's too hard to pick a favorite. While Martin rotates through several hilarious secretaries through the series, his interactions with Pauline Lamb in season two are definitely the most snarky and wonderful. She's definitely his match in wit.
Martin: "Can you give me his phone number then, please?"
Pauline: "No. Don't have it."
Martin: "Remind me what your job is again?"
Pauline: "He didn't leave a number. He left in a rush, looking like a frightened rabbit. Like all your patients, actually."
Why You'll Love It: No matter how socially awkward you might you think you are, Doc Martin wins. His social skills are beyond saving at points. But, besides his head-butting interactions with an ongoing love interest, school teacher Louisa Glasson, most of the villagers become pretty oblivious to his sarcastic remarks. Much to his great irritation, they begin to idolize and adore him. Also, the irony of a doctor unable to stand the sight of blood leads — a comedy of errors if there ever was. Nosy neighbors, freaky medical emergencies, and awkward romances await you.

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