This OITNB Season 2 Trailer Is The New Awesome

New inmates, Piper getting out of solitary and going "lone wolf," and a blast from Red's past? If the trailer for Orange is the New Black's second season is anything to go by, our favorite penitentiary will be putting on quite the show this time around. Oh, and let's not forget Big Boo's lascivious flirting, Crazy Eyes', uh, crazy eyes, and Taystee's dance moves. My, how we've missed you girls.
The second season also features the arrival of Lorraine Toussaint, who plays a new inmate with links to Red. Hopefully that story arc will keep our minds off of how little Laura Prepon we see in the teaser. Sigh.
Speaking of solitary confinement, all 13 episodes drop on June 6, so you might want to cordon off some calendar time and black out the windows for peaceful binge-watching. Thanks for ruining our social lives producing compelling TV, Netflix!
And, to get you even more hyped for June, here's a video of the cast describing the next season in three words. We've got three more for 'em: We can't wait.

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