The Emma Watson Guide To Etiquette

Emma Watson is probably a normal girl who, like the more vocally liberal Jennifer Lawrences of the world, does a lot of weird stuff and goofs off on the regular. But, for whatever reason, there is something about her presence on film and in photographs that just emanates class. Good, old-fashioned class — that sort of glowing, lovely elegance that cannot be denied. Yes, we're gushing, but it's her birthday — and we're gonna use that as an excuse to go full-on fangirl over the face we once knew as Hermione, but now recognize as a true style star.
We don't know exactly what Emma's views are on modern etiquette. We can, however, glean certain things from her public appearances — things that could be quite relevant to our own lives. Things that your grandmother would approve of. Things that make "ladylike" feel like an understatement. In short, things that Emma Watson does naturally, on a regular basis, in six-inch heels and couture gowns. Ahead, 10 photos that more than prove our point.
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If you are having a particularly shiny hair day, it's important to position yourself strategically under a light, thus creating a halo effect.
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Photo: Theo Kingma/Rex USA.
It's okay to make the Overly Attached Girlfriend face. Just do it with such a delicate, rosy glow that you look adorable, not terrifying.
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Photo: Rotello/Rex USA.
The key to getting in and out of a car with class is to make it look like you're in a fancy lipstick commercial. Easy!
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Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA.
If you must kiss a mouse, do not use tongue.
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Photo: Brian J. Ritchie/Rex USA.
When speaking to others, angle your body in a way that is both authoritative and approachable, using a slightly questioning head tilt for maximum effect.
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Photo: Brian J. Ritchie/Rex USA.
Be sure to retain said posture while couch-dancing.
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Photo: David Fisher/Rex USA.
If you are wearing a thigh-high slit, the key is to use magic powers so that it never blows awkwardly out of place or reveals more leg than you would prefer.
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An umbrella is not a hindrance. It is a vehicle to enhance your natural glow.
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Photo: Picture Perfect/Rex USA.
The art of the princess wave is not to be underestimated.
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Photo: Rex USA.
Loafers and a trench coat are your best friends in the entire world, and they will never steer you wrong.

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