Scandal Finale Recap: The Price Of Free & Fair Elections

scandalfinalePhoto: Courtesy of ABC.
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After last week, we have a lot of questions. Who will die? Did Sally, Andrew, and Leo make a huge mistake by attending the funeral? Will the gladiators be able to save Rowan? Where is Mama Pope going with that bomb? Here are tonight's moments that left us surprised, outraged, and yelling, "Really?" at our television:
Well, that was an explosive beginning. And, Cyrus should have known it wouldn't be so easy to get rid of Sally.
Actions speak louder than words. Sally might win this election after all. Who would have predicted that? But, Sally beating out Fitz doesn't concern us as much as Leo outsmarting Liv.
Remember how Fitz didn't want to be president anymore? We do. He was willing to step down, give up everything, and be with Liv. Now that his presidency is about to be taken from him, he is singing a very different tune.
PAPA POPE IS ALIVE. Rowan is the best character. The end.
David is fighting alone. Again. He needs a sidekick.
Did Charlie really like Quinn? Their whole love story was weird, and we could never tell if they actually liked each other. Yet, Charlie seems truly upset about being dumped. If he is still acting (he probably is), what is his motive?
Of course, Fitz is no longer upset. He is ready to move to Vermont, marry Liv, and have babies — two babies. He changes his mind after every commercial break.
That moment was uncomfortable. Fitz learned that his dad raped his wife because his mistress told him? Awkward. And, we kind of expected the reveal to be...bigger.
Huck's family is back. We always hoped Huck's family would return, and he would reunite with his (ex?)-wife and son. We just weren't expecting it to happen tonight. Or, that Quinn and Charlie would be the one to try and reunite them.
Fitzgerald Jr. died. The previews had us thinking someone would die, but we weren't expecting it to be the president's son. Liv's mom murdered the first son. Does this mean she wanted Fitz to be re-elected after all? Or, has it been so long since she felt sympathy that she forgot its power? Or was it not actually Maya? Things seem too simple.
"Olivia Pope doesn't quit." So, what will bring her back this time?
We would run away with Jake. But, if you have to fight so hard to get someone to run away with you, then it probably won't work out.
That was easy. Too easy. Was it really that simple to get rid of Maya? We think not.
"He took my child. So, I took his." Nice try. But, those aren't comparable. Liv was a full-grown woman, and Fitz fell in love with her. Fitzgerald Jr. was a teenage boy, and he was murdered.
Tom, that was too far. We knew he was B613's man. But, still.
Maya is alive. No one is surprised there. But, is Harrison dead? Will Liv and Jake make it to their new life? What will Fitz do without his son or Liv? Will Huck's family take him back? How long will it take for everyone to realize that Rowan is holding all the puppet strings, and has been this whole time? How will we survive all summer without the addiction of Scandal?

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