Jellybean-Flavored Milk Is Real

jellybeanmilkembedPhoto: Courtesy of Prairie Farms.
Easter is only a week away. Are you prepared?
You might have all your Peeps in a row, packets of Paas egg dye colors neatly arranged on your work table, and your contraband Kinder Surprise deftly removed from wherever you were hiding them when you went through customs.
But, do you have any jellybean milk?
If you don't, fear not: Illinois-based Prairie Farms Dairy has introduced a candy-flavored, pale pink potation just in time for Easter Sunday. The low-fat drink is "delicately sweetened with a sugar/monk fruit juice combination and bursting with fruity jellybean flavor," according to a press release.
In a daring dairy trifecta, the company has also released "Chocolate Marshmallow Milk" and "Easter Egg Nog" for the holiday. Rebecca Leinenbach, the sales program director for Prairie Farms, notes that "consumers are looking for new and exciting flavors of milk," even though in recent years several schools have banned all but the regular white stuff.
If eggnog alone isn't your poison, the company offers a recipe for eggnog-infused cheesecake on its website. We'd suggest a tall, cool glass of Pepto-pink milk on the side. (FOX News)

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