Candace Cameron Bure Calls Us Out: Everyone's Wearing What I Wore On TV

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"Reunited and it feels so good" must be echoing through the hills of L.A., because one of our favorite '90s sitcoms is getting the band, er, cast back together. First, we got all three dads of Full House in one Super Bowl commercial, and now D.J. and former flame Steve are getting in on the reunion action.
We're not getting a modern-era revamp of Full House or anything, but Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger (a.k.a. Steve) are teaming up on tonight's season finale of The Neighbors. Still maybe awkwardly invested in the pair, we called up D.J. (uh, Candace), to get the deets. As it turns out, Weinger is a producer on the ABC show and he decided to call in a favor from an old pal for a special scene. And, they went back to old times in a flash.
"We pick up right where you left off, and it just didn't feel like we skipped a beat," said Cameron Bure. "We were laughing, because the scene that we're in has us pull up in a moving truck. As soon as we sat in the truck together we both looked and each other and said that it feels like the episode of Full House when D.J. and Steve were in the cement truck, and the cement went through the window and poured through the kitchen. It was really funny."
As we can tell you from experience, it's hard to hang out with any member of the Full House gang and not reminisce about the classic show. There are just so many good times to be had — but, as it turns out, it wasn't all fun and games for D.J. As the family's resident teenager she was subject to many an embarrassment. "There was an episode where D.J. had a zit on her nose for the school play," Cameron Bure told us. "Having them paint a big red zit on the end of your nose was hard. It's so silly, but it's embarrassing because no one wants to look bad, and much less in front of millions of people."
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Another endearingly palm-to-face aspect of the show was the fashion. The fashion! Danny Tanner's high-waisted Dad jeans and Joey's Scooby Doo pajamas will always make us crack up, but Cameron Bure doesn't hesitate to point out that the Tanner family was pretty trendy at times, too. "If you walk into Forever 21 it is Stephanie and D.J.'s closet," she said. "Everybody's wearing what I wore on Full House, it's so funny — it's all back in style. Some of my favorite outfits were when I would wear a blazer with biker shorts — I felt like Janet Jackson."
As much as we'd like D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle to stay on Girard Street forever, we have to admit that the Full House days are long gone. In fact, Candace is the mother of her own teenagers now. She even brings her kids (two sons, Maks and Lev, and a daughter, Natasha) to the occasional red-carpet event. (But, don't go thinking that they're ready to follow in her footsteps just yet). Now that she's a doting Mom it's easy to draw comparisons to that other super-parent, Danny Tanner. However, Candace quickly shut down the idea that she gets parenting tips from the show.
"I never take tips from Full House or my Dads on the show and I'll tell you why," she said. "John [Stamos], Bob [Saget], and Dave [Coulier] were great guys, but they were always goofing off on set and they weren't always appropriate. When I think of them I don't think of them as the characters they played. I think of them as the people they are, whom I love, but, you know, I grew up with the comedy of Bob Saget." That must've been tough. Like, what ever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paper boy, evening TV...
The Neighbors airs tonight at 8:30 on ABC.

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