The Seinfeld Clip That Will Change How You Feel About The Show

We should begin by saying we're not currently accepting any negative comments about Seinfeld. It's one of the greatest shows of all time. But, we also completely understand the argument that it's essentially about, well, nothing. After all, Jerry Seinfeld admits as much, arguing the point of the show was to showcase where comedians get their material. Inspiration often comes from social faux pas rather than a heavy plotline. Still, it's hard to deny that the show is indeed about nothing at all when you see the clip below.
A Vimeo user created a super cut of an episode of Seinfeld, where they removed all the scenes that involved people and dialogue. What you're left with is a whole six minutes of building facades and establishing shots. Though the clip serves as solid evidence in favor of the "nothing" argument, it doesn't change the quality of the show overall. Check out the video below. Just be prepared to have that unmistakable bass line in your head all day. (The Frisky)

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