The Veronica Mars Movie Preview Is Here!

Maybe you've forgotten everything that happened in Neptune, CA and need a refresher. Perhaps you've been going through Kristen Bell narration withdrawals ever since Gossip Girl ended. Could be you're so darn eager for the March 14 release of the Veronica Mars movie that you'll happily spend two minutes watching the film's opening scene.
If you're looking for spoilers, however, we're afraid this early preview will disappoint. The intro is really just a way to bring Mars fans up to speed, though our favorite teenaged sleuth does reveal that she's a "marshmallow" these days. Yeah, right.
At any rate, don't let us stop you from tuning in to the just-leaked clip. It could be just the primer your Veronica Mars-illiterate pals need to watch before they agree to accompany you to the cinema. And, hey, isn't it just nice to see Veronica and Logan together again?

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