Watch Miley Cyrus Kill OutKast's "Hey Ya!" — In A Good Way

rexusa_1886014fPhoto: MediaPunch Inc/REX USA.
Yeah, we were kind of iffy about this one, too. See, when we first heard that Miley Cyrus had covered OutKast's 2003 classic "Hey Ya!," we had all kinds of negative preconceptions. First, a throbbing EDM version with about 20 "drops" and even more expletives came to mind. Then, we imagined her singing it while riding a giant plush unicorn and eating a banana covered in diamonds. Really, can you blame us?
Well, were we ever pleasantly surprised. As you can see by the fan-filmed recording of her performing the ol' favorite at the Tacoma, Washington stop on her Bangerz tour, Cyrus went for mellowness over mania. Sticking to her pop-country roots, the singer actually slowed down the club track. She also used mostly acoustic backing music. The performance just proves two things. One: She can truly be an effective, inspiring performer when she ditches the pomp, circumstance, and wagging tongue. Two: Even we can sometimes, once in a while, be wrong. No diamond-covered bananas here, but there is a surprise, albeit familiar, move towards the crescendo. And yes, it involves her tongue and her twerk. (Consequence of Sound)
Video: Via YouTube.

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