Peter Dinklage Is Officially Our Favorite Esquire Cover Ever

dink-smallPhoto: Courtesy of Esquire Magazine.
The day is nearing an end, and for a moment there, we thought it would have passed without us giving you at least one Game of Thrones-related news item, which would have been a total failure on our behalf. Thank goodness then for Esquire's brand new cover featuring the one and only Peter Dinklage. Disaster, averted.
The season four premier of HBO's sword-and-sandals juggernaut is just over a month away, and the promotional train is barreling down the tracks at full speed. So far, most of the love has gone to Emilia Clarke, so it's refreshing to see someone else from the show's brilliant cast get their due.
Here, a particularly dapper Dinklage is decked out in an Armani shirt and tie, complimented with a custom suit. Esquire's annual style issue is a particularly big one for the magazine, so kudos to them for thinking outside the box in their cover selection.
In the revealing interview, Dinklage recounts a pretty morbid tale in which a fan on a motorcycle noticed him on the street, turned back to gawk, and wound up in a fatal accident. "I was the last person he saw on earth," Dinklage told the magazine. "He'd probably just had breakfast at the same place I was headed. And then he died. It's like, he was robbed." We're not sure why the actor has death on his mind. After all, he works on Game of Thrones, and no one ever dies on Game of Thrones, right? RIGHT!? (Esquire)

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