Full House Without Michelle Is Equal Parts Creepy & Enjoyable

Even as S.F. residents, we sometimes can’t resist driving by Alamo Square and humming the Full House ditty — it’s human nature. One of the most iconic landmarks in the city, the Painted Ladies backdrop is the quintessential S.F. tourist stop.
But, many argue that perhaps the most annoying element to the '90s sitcom was the nauseatingly perfect tot, Michelle Tanner (we happen to think she was as cute as a button, but hey, that’s us). Well, according to Jezebel, one creative director loathed her character so much that he decided to see what the show would be like sans Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen on screen — and the results? They are pretty creepy. Watch this vid where Michelle Tanner is an invisible child and see what life is like sans the toddler. How...rude?!

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