Siri Gets Closer To Being Her With New E-mail Skills

siri-alternativesPhoto: Courtesy of Apple.
Around the time Spike Jonze's modern masterpiece Her hit theaters, a meme emerged online, in which every wise guy with an iPhone asked Siri what she thought of the Scarlett Johansson-voiced operating system featured the film. "Her portrayal of an intelligent agent is beyond artificial," Siri would reply. "In my opinion, she gives artificial intelligence a bad name," another dis read.
But really, Siri had no right to disparage Her. After all, the OS in the film could read and compose a user's e-mails, whereas Siri never could. Until now, that is.
With the iPhone's new iOS 7, Siri can now read and write your e-mails and iMessages for you. It works the same way it does when you want Siri to do something else for you. Simply ask, and she'll oblige. She can either read you your latest e-mail, or ones from a specific time, just like in Her! If you'd like to reply to the e-mail, simply dictate it to Siri, and she'll lay it down for, also just like in Her!
Unfortunately, there's still just one thing the OS in Her can do that Siri can't. Get your minds out of the gutter, kids — we were referring to her ability to get our book published, we swear! (Wired)

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