Bradley Cooper Went To The White House Commando Because He's Bradley Cooper

You know you've made it as a movie star when you get an elusive invite to a White House State Dinner. You know you've really made it, when you attend said State Dinner sans underwear.
Bradley Cooper, it looks like you've really made it.
In a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a red-faced Cooper admitted to glad-handing with half of Washington while going commando. So what led Cooper to make such an odd sartorial decision? Does he have a strange fetish where he requires only a thin layer of cloth standing between him and our country's leading policy makers? Did he lose a bet with Christian Bale? Unfortunately, the real reason isn't nearly as salacious.
According to Cooper, the reason he attended the dinner without underwear is because he wouldn't have been able to fit into his tuxedo otherwise. Cooper is in the process of packing on the pounds for an upcoming role, and the added weight meant he could barely get his pants to fit on the night of the dinner. While the mishap certainly made for entertaining talk show banter, it made for a very awkward evening. Let's let the man himself explain what happened. Take it away, Bradley. (Daily News)

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