The Best Awards Show After-Party Pics

Awards shows are always a good time. There's the surprise and anticipation, the witty jokes during the opening monologue, the inevitable slipups, falls, and wardrobe malfunctions. But, the true joy of awards season lies in that shining beacon of celebratory drunkenness: The After Party. Only here do celebrities truly let down their hair — or, occasionally, drop it like it's hot. The pressure of walking the red carpet or making the big speech is over and all that's left are flowing drinks, banging tunes, and hundreds of the biggest A-listers around.
So, to celebrate the culmination of this year's awards season (and the nearing Oscars show), we dug through the archives to find our favorite candid snaps from the industry's biggest parties. Here you'll find celebrities toasting, cheers-ing, and just generally rabble-rousing. Oh, and let's not forget the occasional nerdy dance move (here's looking at you, Michael Fassbender!). Because, after all, a candid celebrity is the best kind of celebrity.

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