Reporter App For Iphone Will Measure Your Happiness

reporter_purple1Photo: Courtesy of Reporter.
The iPhone can do a lot of things, but telling you whether or not you're happy isn't one of them. That is until now. Designer Nicholas Felton's brand new Reporter app uses data pulled from mundane questions it asks users throughout the day, to measure human immeasurables, including happiness.
The wide-ranging questionnaire asks everything from "What are you doing?" to "Who are you with?" and it even lets you enter in your own questions. Answers can come in the form of selecting "Yes" or "No," multiple choice, free-form text, or checking into a location via Foursquare. The results are then compiled and used to discover patterns that help illuminate and discover things about yourself.
Felton's goal is for his app to provide its users with valuable data that will ultimately help them improve their lives. If, for example, we can determine in which month we were happiest, or in what line of work we're most productive, then it will allow us to gain insight into the choices we've made — and help us make better choices in the future. Finally, an app geared to helping us make good choices that will improve our lives. Take that, Tinder. (The Verge)

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