Super Bowl Predictions Made By Manatees — Just Go With It

Guys, get your bookie on the phone. Peyton Manning, start rehearsing your victory speech. A major Super Bowl prediction is in, and it looks like the Denver Broncos are in it to win it. Or, so says Buffett the manatee, anyway.
While normally we're reluctant to trust sea creatures with sports picks, it's worth noting that Buffett, a manatee at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, FL, has accurately picked the winners of the last six Super Bowls. This year, his money is on the Broncos, though his playmate Hugh has gone for the Seattle Seahawks. One of these guys is going to feel pretty sheepish tomorrow.
You could just take Buffett at his word and skip the game entirely, but c'mon. There are Buffalo wings to be eaten, ads to be watched, and men in tight pants to ogle. That said, if the boys from Mile High Stadium actually do win, we're grabbing this sea cow and taking him to Vegas. (Jezebel)

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