"Game Of Thrones" Actor Jack Gleeson Breaks Down Celeb Culture At Oxford

Of all the Game of Thrones cast members, Jack Gleeson has probably had the most difficult time convincing people he's nothing like his character. As the sadistic King Joffrey, Gleeson plays the most depraved villain on a show that's chock-full of them. (Sometimes he's a little too convincing, which explains why some fans have had it in for him from the very beginning.) Observation: If you want to be universally loved, murdering a prostitute with a crossbow is not a good look.
Luckily for Gleeson, being worshipped by fans is not a priority.
The 21-year-old Irish actor recently spoke at the prestigious Oxford Union Society in England, where he gave an eloquent and passionate speech about the absurdity of celebrity culture, and the many ways his life has changed since becoming part of the circus. You'll be happy to know that Gleeson is nothing like his character. Instead, he comes across as an incredibly well-spoken and well-read, surprisingly funny young adult who's trying to come to terms with his new reality. Based on the speech below, Gleeson has very little interest in the fame that comes along with being successful actor, which would explain why he announced his impending retirement from the biz last November. As long as it comes after GoT, the shuffleboard court is all yours, Jack. (Gawker)
Photo: HBO.

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