Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera Banded Together For A Voice Diva-Off

We are gathered here today to put to bed some she-said, she-said rumors. The reigning platinum divas of pop joined forces last night on the season finale of The Voice to serenade a friendship into sonic motion. Yes, dear readers, Lady Gaga and Xtina Christina Aguilera held hands, flipped wigs, and belted in each other's faces like their careers depended on it.
The Lady herself emerged from behind a giant seashell (bikini) like the Venus she believes herself to be. As the opening synth chords of "Do What U Want" began to fill the room, Gaga, in full Krystle Jennings Dynasty regalia, sauntered and jived her way across the stage. Suddenly, from behind the seashell (bikini), the leader of the United States (LOTUS, hello?), Christina Aguilera began to show off. Together, the two former rivals joined voices on The Voice and stole the spotlight from this season's winner (seriously, who won?). Xtina nuzzled Gaga, they yelled, and spread glittery joy everywhere — word on the street is Adam Levine even cracked a smile. Together, they consummated their friendship with a Champagne toast. Pop girls gotta band together in the age of Bey, you know.

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