Binge Watching Is The New Normal — Couch Potatoes, Rejoice!

OITNBPhoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
In its ongoing attempt at world domination, Netflix has set out to convince us that it's okay to spend hours upon hours streaming its content without ever leaving the house, changing our clothes, or even showering. Not that we've ever done that or anything.
In a new poll conducted by Harris Interactive, in which 1,500 adults who stream Netflix content at least once a week were surveyed, 61% not only admitted to binge watching regularly but feel pretty darn good about it, too. According to Netflix users, "binge watching" entails knocking back between two to six episodes of the same show in one sitting, which is peanuts compared to the viewing marathons we've pulled off recently, but we digress. Also, 79% of the streamers surveyed agreed that watching multiple episodes of their favorite show consecutively makes for a more enjoyable viewing experience, which certainly makes sense for cliff-hanger-reliant shows like House of Cards. Think about it. Had the final season of Breaking Bad been released the same way, would any of us have come up for air until the final credits rolled? Um, no.
This data is a huge coup for the brass at Netflix, who have pioneered the model of releasing entire seasons of its original programming all at once, and allowing viewers to consume them at their own pace. Although that model has come under fire, this new data suggests that Netflix will stick to its guns, which is good news for people without patience, and people without lives — i.e., us. (Deadline)

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